Assessing Personality From Text 

The future is chat and AI.

Why natural language is a better approach to discovering personality traits than traditional personality assessments.

Personality is widely accepted as an indicator of job performance. Until now, the only way to accurately measure personality was through long and repetitive 100+ item personality tests, where the candidate experience is proven to be weak.

The PredictiveHire team breaks new ground disrupting decades of assessment practice by showing that answers to standard interview questions related to past behaviour and situational judgement can be used to reliably infer personality traits.

Using data from over 46,000 job applicants, leveraging natural language processing, machine learning and personality theory, we validate that text is a reliable indicator of hidden personality traits. Additionally, this approach to candidate interviews is blind to gender, race and any other characteristics that are not directly relevant in job selection. Instead, every applicant is given a fair opportunity to express themselves and be evaluated equally.

The future is chat and AI. Learn why.

This paper is now peer reviewed and published on IEEE Access

Research Paper Front Cover - Personality 2